Machine Learning Infrastructure. Simplified.

Enable data scientists to deploy real-time ML models by removing complex data pipelines.
From notebook to production at 10x the speed.

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What is fal?

1. abbreviation
Features & Labels: the new way to build Machine Learning models collaboratively.

2. noun (
A fortune-telling method that interprets patterns in coffee grounds to predict the future.
fal streamlines the ML workflow
fal stores and processes your features by unifying your training and serving pipelines for ML models; proven to improve model performance.
fal is built for data scientists
fal allows data scientists to focus on the problems they are solving instead of worrying about ML infrastructure.
fal does not require learning a new programming language nor custom DSLs. We speak SQL.
fal lets you scale
fal helps fast-growing companies scale their internal ML operations by facilitating collaboration, reducing integration costs and increasing ROI 
fal is secure
use fal Cloud as a fully managed service. or keep your data in your private cloud through our hybrid cloud deployment.