Fastest SDXL in the Planet 🌎

Fastest SDXL Endpoint

We believe fal has the fastest SDXL endpoint in the planet. If you can find a faster one, we guarantee to beat it within one week. 🤝

Here is a quick guide on how to use this model from an API in less than 1 minute.

Before we proceed, you need to create an API key.

This key secret will be used to authenticate your requests to the fal API.

  credentials: "PASTE_YOUR_FAL_KEY_HERE",

Now you can call our Model API endpoint using the fal js client:

import * as fal from "@fal-ai/serverless-client";
const result = await fal.subscribe("fal-ai/fast-sdxl", {
  input: {
      "photo of a rhino dressed suit and tie sitting at a table in a bar with a bar stools, award winning photography, Elke vogelsang",

A typical inference takes 2.3 seconds and will cost ~$0.0025.

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